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Muhammad Fajar (法哈爾)

Hello everyone, 大家好. My name is Muhammad Fajar but you can simply call me Fajar. I am a Front-end Web Developer using framework php Laravel. I like to teach Programming Languages. I have an experience at Rumah Koding Indonesia as the mentor of Coding Mum. Coding Mum refers to the amazing mom in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, Indonesia to learn about "coding". Not only the mothers, I was also the mentor for Coding Kids. I helped them to create some simple games. Thus, they did not only know how to play games but also to understand how does it really work and how to make it.


Assembly Technician

2020 - 2021
Toyo Automation Co., Ltd. , Tainan City 709, Taiwan

Factory, Actuator, Electric Gripper and Robot.

Mentor and Software Engineer

2018 - 2019
Rumah Koding Indonesia, Banjarbaru - Indonesia

I was a part of Rumah Koding Indonesia in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Rumah Koding Indonesia is a non-formal educational institution which aims to teach programming language and information technology to everyone who is interested in this field including those who want to start from the scratch. Rumah Koding Indonesia is the first and only institution in South Kalimantan which focus on teaching the coding methods for people from all ages and various backgrounds. In addition, Rumah Koding Indonesia also trained young people who are creative, innovative and capable with information technology.

In my first debut at Rumah Koding Indonesia, I was assigned to be the mentor for Banjarbaru Coding Mum. This one week event took place in Rumah Kreatif Banjarbaru. This event involves teaching web programming languages to create an e-commerce for mothers. I was also responsible to teach Web Programming Class. I was a mentor and software engineer with broad scope in the South Kalimantan area. I have a huge passion in teaching everyone about the sophisticated technology.

Internship as Electrical

2018 - 2019
PT. PLN (Persero), Banjarbaru - Indonesia

I was assigned to do the Job Training course at PT. PLN (Persero) AP2B South and Central Kalimantan Systems for * 640 Hours (4 Months). While I was working, I was responsible to handle a Special Protection Scheme project or better known as SPS; a system designed to protect the reliability of the electrical system in the South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. SPS works dynamically by removing loads based on load conditions in real-time according to a predetermined scheme. It aims to avoid widespread interference that can cause blackouts in the electrical system.


Let's Code Something Fun.


A simple store kitchen materials.
Built on Mobile Apps.

Cooperation Information System The State Polytechnic of Tanah Laut

Information System Cooperation of The State Polytechnics of Tanah Laut, functioning as a information center, communication and the process of proposals relating to cooperation, both foreign and domestic cooperation.
Built on Framework PHP Laravel.

Implementation of Single Sign On The State Polytechnic of Tanah Laut

Informatics Engineering Study Program Tanah Laut State Polytechnic has many web-based application systems, but all built systems are standalone, allowing users to have each account on each system. Users must memorize each account to access the application system and it is not uncommon for users to forget their password so that they make the same password easy to remember. Therefore we need a system that can integrate all user accounts and manage the authentication process. The authentication process on this integrated system requires an additional server that becomes a liaison between the system integrator and the application service system. The system can handle all authentication of each application system and is known as the Single Sign On system. With the Single Sign On user system using only one account users can access many systems without entering a repeated username and password. The application of the Single Sign On system is more devoted to Integrating Academic Information Systems using the Framework Igniter Framework with the Staff Information System using PHP Native.

Special Protection Scheme of Elcetrical Company

The last few months, PT. PLN WKSKT deliberately goes out to prevent the failure of the generator system network. Blackouts occur because there are uneven load uses. The use of the largest load is in the Barikin transmission line scheme towards the Tanjung and Cempaka direction. Both schemes are crucial load conditions when there is a disruption in the transmission line. This can interfere with the transmission of the load on targets that are in the two schemes, cause trips and blackouts. To resolve the issue, PT. PLN WKSKT create a special scheme for the protection system loads on specific targets. Which system can sort the target load from large to small. Descending is a sorting method that can complete the purpose of a protection system. With this method the target load is sorted and then calculated in VBA macros. The target load that has been sorted is then added to the equivalent of the line transfer. Calculations performed on VBA macros aim to obtain load release status based on enable, ready and trip indications. All three indicators used to monitor the load condition real time. So that the protection system is able to avoid interference that can cause black out on the electrical system.
Built on Macro VBA.


Sistem Proteksi Pelepasan Beban dengan Metode Descending Menggunakan Macro VBA
Jurnal Sains dan Informatika, 2018

Cerita WNI Asal Tala di Taiwan, Menimba Ilmu ditengah Merebaknya Covid-19
Wartaniaga, 2020


Keynote Speaker in Webinar Scholarship Sharing Session
"Why You Should Study Abroad"

Ghalih Foundation - Taiwan, Indonesia

The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Languange Certificate

Ministry of Education - Taiwan

Sertifikasi Kompetensi bidang Database Programming

BNSP LSP-TIK - Indonesia

Mentor Coding Mum Banjarbaru

BEKRAF - Indonesia

Skills & Proficiency

Database MySQL

Macro VBA

Javascript & jQuery

Code Igniter & Laravel


Android Studio

Glide Apps